Sunday, August 19, 2007


It's been too long since I've done one of these posts. This, though, as the title says, is just a brief note. I can't do a full set of notes for vol. 17 until I can borrow a copy from the library, but flipping through a copy at my local bookstore I noticed one important difference between the original and the translation. I can't discuss it without revealing a major spoiler involving Akito; so don't proceed unless you've read at least through Chapter 98 (the third chapter in vol. 17).

Some people may have come across this post via a search engine, without seeing either of the "cuts." And since the book just came out and this is a major, major spoiler, I'll leave some spoiler space.


In Tokyopop's edition, in the pages immediately preceding Kureno's revelation that Akito is female, he repeatedly uses masculine pronouns when speaking of her. So does Shigure (on p. 70), who also knows the truth about Akito. Even after Kureno tells Tohru Akito is a girl, he calls her "him" on p. 97. Not only is this inconsistent on Kureno's part, it may make readers question whether Akito really is female. In the Japanese original, Kureno never refers to Akito by the Japanese equivalent of "he" or "him," and says nothing which would imply that Akito is male.

In fairness to the translators, it's a lot harder in English than it is in Japanese to have someone talk at length about someone else, avoid revealing their gender, and still sound natural. Japanese, like English, has third-person pronouns, but they are used much less frequently than their English counterparts. Most often, the person being talked about is left to be inferred from the context. For instance, in the sixth panel on p. 70 Kureno says in English: "I couldn't leave him." In the Japanese, he says "Tsukihanasu nante dekinai," which translated word-for-word is "forsake anything-like cannot." (Note that this sentence is missing a subject as well as an object.) It's also much more common in Japanese than in English to use the person's name, rather than a pronoun, something Kureno also does in these pages.

Still, this is such a crucial point that I would have preferred it if the translators had avoided having Kureno speak of Akito in male terms, even if the result is somewhat unnatural-sounding. (I only noticed one spot where it would be really awkward.) And the references on p. 97 to Akito as "him" were presumably just mistakes.


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1 - Go with the food court. Feel it or not, the food court will be absolute optimum destination from the mall to fulfill a chick. Here's what you do. Pick a foods location and get in line for the meal. While you could be in line, look all-around the area somewhere anybody is seated and eating. Take a look for the toddler sitting alone, or even two ladies sitting down together. When you've got your meal in hand, walk around to just where she or they're sitting down and talk to if it is easy to join them. If you're trustworthy and straightforward with them, your odds are pretty nice.

2- Do some contemplating. In advance of you even take into consideration planning with the shopping mall to meet a chick, sit by yourself down and do some severe pondering. Have a look at how you may connect with a gal and what you might say to her if you are usually productive. Take into consideration which components of the local mall you would pay a visit to. Also, you are planning to will need to buy some thing whilst there, what do you would like? At long last, look at what meeting a young lady in a public location entails. Surely you're likely to will need to appear to get a wedding ring ahead of speaking to some lady, and you're likely to would need to think if it is wiser to speak to some lady alone or a person who's with others. In conclusion, you're likely to have to become practical about your personal age and also the ages for the gal you choose to meet. As in, you may ought to inform oneself to get realistic and do not try to meet ladies that happen to be substantially younger or older than you could be, or that take a look out of your respective league.

3 - Ask for help out. Once that you're at last along at the mall, 1 to the procedures to fulfill ladies is by asking them for help. Females realize that guys have no notion what they can indeed be carrying out when they are purchasing, so asking for support will not seem such a ridiculous strategy. Ask for guide in picking out a jacket for your own self as an example. Carrying out so let's the woman know that you are single. If she agrees to aid you, check with her other questions as you grab distinct jackets to consider on.

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